Leopards in Dinokeng

The two leopards Zella (Female), Ziklas(Male) from Shayamanzi, will be released from the Predator boma on Friday the 11th of December 2020. After their release they will be monitored closely to track their movements as they explore the greater DGR. The two Leopards are doing very well since the release on 11 December 2020 they […]

Dinokeng – Cheetah

“On Thursday the 15th of October 2020 we checked up on our Rietvlei cheetah female and found five healthy month old cubs. This is her 3rd litter on the DGR, she is a successful  mother and a very important part of the cheetah metapopulation not only for South Africa (Lapalala Wilderness) but also for Africa […]

Lockdown…video clips

Encounters with Elephants @ Kwalata Adventure Camp. Have a look at our first video clips on youtube. Like and subscribe for more… https://youtu.be/Dd9St1vtLz4 Wishing you a safe and healthy future. #2020vision

Dinokeng – Rhino Aid

With the assistance from Dr Shaun Beverley as vet and Mr Richard Burns as pilot, No.12 white rhino bull was located and darted. Dr Johan Marais was on the ground to take X-rays of the young bull’s left rear hock which was quite swollen but without broken skin, most possibly from an altercation from a […]

Spring Arrivals 2019 Dinokeng

Dinokeng Game Reserve is blessed with new arrivals in the animal kingdom. September has seen the first elephant calf. Posted by, Virtual RangerLike PageSeptember 3 at 1:04 PM Spring brings new life???! Dinokeng Game Reserve is the proud home of the first elephant calf born in the reserve. The new herd of eleven elephants from […]