Kwalata Adventure Camps: Two camp sites on the premises. Phiri Camp (built in 1998) and Phiri Enyane built in 2019. Each camp has their own facilities -accommodation / ablution / mess hall / program facilitators.

Phiri Enyane accommodates only 40 learners & 4 teachers. Phiri Camps accommodates 108 Learners & 16 Teachers.

Phiri Enyane: Small & secluded camp. Two dormitories, accommodating 20 learners on bunkbeds each, a Total of 40 learners. Two rooms with two beds and ensuite bathrooms for four teachers. Separate hot and cold water ablution facilities, own mess hall, fire place and in-house facilitators. Accommodation: Mattresses are covered with a fitted sheet.  All learners to provide own bedding: Pillow, sleeping bag or blankets/duvet  Teachers, bedding is provided, only need to bring a towel. Cutlery Learners are to supply their own plates knifes and forks. They will wash up their own cutlery as well. Teachers  will dine at set tables, and we do the washing up.. *We do have cutlery & utensils available for hire at an additional fee, should you require cutlery to be washed, we can make arrangements for washing up at an additional fee. Please make arrangements prior arrival.  Phiri Enyane has its own hall for meals & conferencing.

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