Dinokeng Game Reserve is blessed with new arrivals in the animal kingdom. September has seen the first elephant calf. Posted by, Virtual RangerLike PageSeptember 3 at 1:04 PM

Spring brings new life???! Dinokeng Game Reserve is the proud home of the first elephant calf born in the reserve. The new herd of eleven elephants from Marakele National Park in Limpopo, welcomed a new member to the family. Average weight of elephants at birth is 100-120kg. Just days old this little calf will stay very close to the mommy for the next few months. The other females in the herd, who are the caretakers or allomothers will protect the young calve by surrounding it as much as possible and never leaving it alone. This adorable little calf was spotted in the North of the reserve. Never drive in between members of the herd, if the mothers become separated from their calves they can become aggressive. Photo credit: #LeopardsongGameLodge – Ranger Therese Smit.